The mission of Qatar Dragon Boat is to promote dragon boat racing at all levels of competition in Qatar. We are specialists in providing bespoke team building activities, youth sports, and event management for dragon boat racing.

Since 2014, we have introduced over 6000 participants to dragon boat racing through our competitions and team building activities. Our festival races are one of the largest water sports events in Qatar and attract all segments of the Qatar community.


The mission of Qatar Dragon Boat is to promote the growth and development of dragon boat racing in Qatar at all levels of competition. We strive to maintain the cultural traditions of the sport and to promote health and community through the sport of dragon boat racing.


Historical Background

Myth and legend surround the history of dragon boat racing, which is believed to have started more than 2000 years ago in southern China as a fertility rite performed to ensure bountiful crops.

Modern Era

The year 1976 is considered the birth of modern day dragon boat racing when the Hong Kong Tourist Association together with the Association of Hong Kong Fishermen organized the first international race in Hong Kong. The development of the sport is governed by the International Dragon Boat Federation, which has facilitated the global development of one of the fastest growing water sport in the world. Today, dragon boat racing remains an important sporting event for many countries with international competitions held around the world every year.

Development In Qatar

Dragon boat racing has its humble beginnings in Qatar when the first dragon boat was shipped to Doha in October 2013. Within this time frame, multiple dragon boat teams have setup as well as the organization of regular dragon boat competitions in Qatar. The sport continues to attract a growing community of participants from amateur paddlers to youth participants.